Man riding a bicycle in the park, wearing sunglasses and a helmet

Riding without headphones

The reality is that many people have been walking or biking to work without these paths for years and years. These new trails create a safer, healthier lifestyle for everyone.
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Man standing on a rock beside a lake

Nature, in balance

Growing up in the ‘hood,’ I saw a lot of disparities left and right, and that caused me a lot of stress. My escape was to run to spend that energy.
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Woman sitting on a bench in the park accompanied by 5 dogs

Mornings at Brock Park

When the doctor told me to get my affairs in order, I chose to start walking instead. He now says I have the heart of a teenager.
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Elderly lady sitting on a bench, surrounded by nature and smiling

Small actions. Big change.

I started walking along Brays Bayou almost 30 years ago and I still get out on those trails most days of the week. It’s nice to be out by myself to let my mind wander.
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The Sassy Silver Steppers isn’t a sorority, or any kind of club. We’re a kind of sisterhood. We’ve known each other for 45 years.
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The thing is, this is our home and we can take care of it. We can take a handful of milkweed seeds and toss them onto the ground and grow something beautiful.
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I’ve put more miles on my bike in the past six months than ever before. I am outside so much more right now and I’m really enjoying that. My family is, too—I take my wife, who is currently pregnant with…
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