Every story is a point of connection. It’s a moment captured. It’s a pathway between one person and so many others. In celebration of the connections we make with each other—as Houstonians and as a people—we’re celebrating real stories about real moments in parks and trails across our city.

Bayou Greenways is bringing together neighborhoods like never before–connecting 150 miles of trails and 3,000 acres of green space. Houston Parks Board is proud to showcase the experiences of individuals in neighborhoods across our city as a way of celebrating the way every one of us has made these parks our own. Because parks are for everyone. They’re where we celebrate birthdays, join a running group or try yoga for the first time. They’re where we get away from concrete highways and enjoy what’s right in front of us–our parks, our trails and each other.

The stories you see on our website are just the beginning. These are real Houstonians who shared with us their experiences in their neighborhood parks, along our bayous—or simply how they're getting outside.


Every small or big thing you do matters.

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Parks belong to all of us.

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