Parks are where we celebrate the things that truly matter. They’re where we take our children for pictures with bluebonnets. Where we join a running group for the first time. Where we host our neighborhood picnic. It’s where we come together—to walk, to laugh, to play. Parks have the power to transform lives.

Our mission to make greenspace accessible to all Houstonians is ambitious. We can’t—and shouldn’t—go at it alone.

Houston Parks Board is proud to partner with many local and regional organizations devoted to protecting and preserving Houston’s greenspaces, and to promoting health, wellness, and quality of life for all Houstonians. You will find those listed below, along with organizations from across the country who provide inspiration and guidance in our efforts to connect Houstonians to one another, one greenspace at a time.

To everyone who has contributed, financially or through action, we thank you. You’ve brought your heart and determination to every campaign—to every big, bold, visionary project—and created a future for our city. A future that’s closer. Happier. Healthier. And connected.