Explore Sims Bayou

Explore Sims Bayou
Start at Milby Park

Located on Central Street, Milby Park is located along the banks of Sims Bayou. You’ll find one of Houston’s only futsal courts here, a shaded walking path, and a riparian buffer planted with native trees and shrubs. This riparian restoration project is led by the Houston Parks and Recreation Department with the goal of reducing erosion and flood risk in the area while creating habitat for native wildlife. Walk or cycle southwest along the greenway through the riparian restoration area and continue along the trail adjacent to Central Street.

Walk or Bike southwest along Sims Bayou Greenway Trail, staying on the trail as it turns southeast along Old Galveston Road.

If you would like to visit the brand-new Houston Botanic Garden, turn right on Park Place Blvd. and follow the road for just over half a mile to the southwest. You’ll find the Garden’s entry gate and Botanic Lane on your left across from Park Place Elementary School.

Visit the Houston Botanic Garden

The new Houston Botanic Garden is a living museum for plants with opportunities to engage the senses with nature around every corner. The original meander of Sims Bayou and acres of mature oak trees —some with draping Spanish moss – serve as a backdrop for several outdoor gallery spaces featuring a wide variety of tropical, sub-tropical, and arid plants, including a collection of edible and medicinal species, from around the world. If you’d like to visit the Garden on your trip, please note that tickets must be purchased in advance here.

Bicycles, rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, etc. are not permitted in the Garden, except for mobility scooters. There is a bicycle rack adjacent to the Picnic Grove across from the Welcome Pavilion, accessed via the dedicated pedestrian and bike path alongside Botanic Lane vehicular traffic off Park Place Blvd.

Once you’ve wrapped up your visit to the Houston Botanic Garden, head back along Sims Bayou Greenway trail to get back to Milby Park.

Head to Glenbrook Park

For those continuing past Park Place Blvd and the Houston Botanic Garden, continue along Sims Bayou Greenway as it peels off Old Galveston Rd. Follow the trail for about 1 mile to Glenbrook Park.

You will cross the Sims Bayou Greenway Bridge. Pause for a moment at the bridge and soak in the view, a popular spot to snap a photo.

Glenbrook Park, was once known for having an Olympic-sized swimming pool with multiple high-dive platforms. Some say that you could see airplanes taking off from the Hobby Airport from atop the highest platform. The Olympic-sized pool has since been demolished, but the park – including a newer, smaller pool – remains for the neighborhood to enjoy.

Once you’ve wrapped up your visit to Glenbrook Park, hop back on Sims Bayou Greenway to get back to Milby Park.

Total Trip Length: 3.4 miles/3.8 miles round trip

Thank you to Justin L. for inspiring us with his trip!

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