Cycle along The Bayous

Cycle alongThe Bayous
We love cycling—it helps us cover more ground while experiencing little adventures in nature. There’s something about taking the time to take in the sights of our city, people, and nature.
Neighborhood start—Briargrove

Starting in our neighborhood, Briargrove, we take the streets and sidewalks through Tanglewood, heading east under 610. We keep going down Woodway Drive, past the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center. Bonus! This is a great place to stop for an oasis in the city—so, take a stroll in nature or count the turtles at the turtle pond.

Hop onto the Buffalo Bayou Trail

Once Woodway Drive becomes Memorial Drive, we'll continue on down, past Memorial Park. After crossing Shepherd Drive, we'll pick up the Buffalo Bayou Trail.

If you're in the mood for it, stay on the trail still heading downtown—you'll hit Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark on Sabine Street, or, if you go a bit further, Allen's Landing where you can take a break to experience Houston's history!

Loop towards White Oak Bayou

If you're looking for an extra 17 miles, keep going past The University of Houston Downtown, around to White Oak Bayou Greenway! You can even take a detour off of Washington Avenue and Preston Street to visit the Downtown Aquarium.

Need to add somewhere? Buffalo Bayou Partnership (BBP) is the non-profit organization revitalizing and transforming Buffalo Bayou, Houston's most significant natural resource. BBP maintains and operates Buffalo Bayou Park.

Back home!

Circling around on the Buffalo Bayou trail at Montrose, we ride on the south side, down Allen Parkway. Riding that way, sometimes we'll catch a spray from the Gus Wortham Fountain or unwind over lunch at The Dunlavy and experience a fabulous setting.

Thank you to Rebecca L. for inspiring us with her trip!

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