To ensure that our greenspaces connect us to each other and revitalize our lives, we’re committed to keeping our parks and trails beautiful, accessible, safe, and functional for everyone.

Houston Parks Board has been devoted to creating, improving, protecting, and advocating for Houston’s parks and greenspaces for over 45 years.

One of the identified goals of Houston Parks Board’s communications and engagement programs is to communicate effectively and consistently with stakeholders, partners, community groups, and parks and trails users to build park stewardship, create equity-based projects that serve all Houstonians, and foster positive support for park planning and investment.

To that end, we strive to add meaningful engagement opportunities that make sure all Houstonians feel welcome in their greenspaces.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Healthy Outdoor Communities

Agents of Discovery

Recommended Trips

Community Voices: Neighborhood Safety and Trails Packet

This packet was developed in response to community concerns about the safety and security of proposed hike-and-bike trails and greenways. It highlights the experiences of other neighborhoods, and shares our approach to creating safe, sustainable, community-centered trails.