Beyond the Bayous

Beyond the Bayous
Bayou Greenways brings convenient access to linear parks for nearly 1.5 million Houstonians. But that’s not everyone—yet. And that’s why we’re already asking “What’s next?”

How can we make green space available to all Houstonians? Beyond the Bayous is the shared vision of Houston Parks Board and our partners to bring more parks and trails to our city so that everyone can enjoy equitable access to green spaces. Through these efforts, we’ll enhance the environmental health of our communities and our economic landscape, creating new homes and job opportunities.

We care about investing in our existing parks and creating new parks and greenways throughout Houston’s landscape to revitalize our city with a green infrastructure that connects people and communities. Through a generous grant from the Houston Endowment, Houston Parks Board commissioned and published a study in 2018 to inform a plan toward achieving a more equitable and sustainable city. Beyond the Bayous exists in conversation with transformative proposals for the city and county, including Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Complete Communities, the Texas Department of Transportation’s North Houston Highway Improvement Project, and other planning efforts. A landmark 2012 agreement between CenterPoint and the City of Houston approving recreational trails on CenterPoint’s rights of way was key to the launch of Beyond the Bayous and has paved the way for future connections and projects.

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