The support and financial contribution from our partners is critical to Houston Parks Board long terms success as we work towards the vision of “thriving parks and communities for everyone forever.”

Houston Parks Board collaborates with organizations in a range of different ways that not only contribute to HPB’s work but also provide employee engagement, marketing, and promotional value to our partners.

There are many opportunities for your organization to align your business and corporate responsibility objectives, all while supporting the mission of Houston Parks Board. In doing so you will not only help make a lasting impact across Houston but further enhance and differentiate your brand with current and future employees, clients and customers.

If you would like to explore partnership opportunities, please contact us at 713-942-8500 or by email at

Together, we’re transforming Houston and its communities one park at a time. It’s #ParksByYou!


We provide a platform for companies and their employees to partner with a park and support the communities where they live and work, immersing your team in deserving park projects producing results that will help unite your employees and be proud of the difference they help make.


Partnering with Houston Parks Board goes beyond corporate giving. There are a multitude of different programs and events to align your organization behind. Bayou Greenways as an example is an audacious initiative creating a 150-mile network of trails and parks bringing 1.5 million Houstonians within 1.5 miles of public parks space and trails, redefining the way the region is used and the way we think about it.

Parks by nature are beautiful spaces, but their true value is realized through activation. Partners can support special events including Bayou Greenway Dayannual luncheon, and our planned city-wide celebrations in 2020 in anticipation of the completion of Bayou Greenways.