Parks are important. They are where people of all backgrounds can talk, exercise, learn, or relax. They are all over Houston and right in our backyard. Let’s get closer to the greenspaces we love. Let’s share our ideas for what can improve and act on them together. With the launch of Bayou Greenways, millions of Houstonians will be able to create the parks and trails they want to see. Let’s get started.

Houston Parks Board is inviting you to join the Neighborhood Partnership Program, where you can rally with others to transform a park near you. When you volunteer, you’ll have access to the technical and strategic support you’ll need to get things moving: through your community group, Houston Parks Board, and the Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD).


Houston Parks Board (HPB) is proud to provide technical and strategic support to groups interested in becoming stewards to Houston’s park assets. The goal of the Neighborhood Partnership Program is to improve city parks and greenspaces through a cooperative effort between community groups, HPB, and the Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD). Selected projects must meet Neighborhood Partnership Program criteria, established by HPB and HPARD. Please note that this is not a grant making program.

  1. HPARD Master Plan area of need
  2. In line with HPB planning initiatives—Bayou Greenways 2020 and Beyond the Bayous
  3. HPARD capacity to assimilate the project into park system
  4. Capacity of requester to fund or fundraise for the project
  5. HPB’s capacity to manage the project
  1. HPARD must approve all projects before any fundraising activities take place.
  2. HPB is not a foundation or granting entity—we do not have funds available for new projects.
  3. HPB charges a fee during the initial programming phase equivalent to 10% of the cost of planning and programming, which partially covers HPB’s costs. Creating new park projects can be a complicated process. Beyond initial processing and review with HPARD, exploring project potential often requires professional service costs which the applicant will be expected to cover.
  4. After the programming phase is completed, HPB will also charge a fee not to exceed 10% of the project budget during the implementation phase, with the percentage determined by project scope and HPB’s role.

Allow up to 30 business days for HPB to substantially respond to your request.