Agents of Discovery

Agents of Discovery

Welcome, Agent! What will you discover about Houston's Bayou Greenways today? Agents of Discovery is an educational mobile gaming platform that uses augmented reality to get youth active and outdoors. Houston Parks Board hosts pop-up missions at locations all over the city to help you and your family explore the outdoors in a safe and socially distant way! We also have an at-home mission to keep the exploring going after you leave the parks.

How to Play

1)     Download the FREE app onto your smart device

2)     Select the mission you want to play

3)     For in-park missions: Visit the park or trail and walk along the mission’s trail to unlock and complete challenges along the way.

4)     For at-home missions: visit our events page for more details. Print the image triggers for the mission or scan the images directly on your computer screen. Images unlock missions as you go.

5)     Have fun! Tag #ParksByYou and #AgentsofDiscovery to show us your adventures.

Click here to discover our current missions and join the Houston Parks Board’s agent, the yellow-crowned night-heron!


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