For more than 45 years, Houston Parks Board has radically transformed Houston’s greenspaces by devoting energy to creating access to parks for all, and by bringing an extraordinary vision—a network of parks and trails that bring Houston’s bayous and its people together—to life.
Supporting over 250 parks and creating more than 14,000 acres of new greenspace.

In less than a decade, we’ve launched an ambitious initiative through Bayou Greenways that will transform Houston into a healthier and happier city. With the support of community members, donors, and public partners, we are creating 150 miles of trails and bridges that will connect Houston’s major bayous.

Our city is monumental. With a footprint that can hold all of Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Detroit, Houston’s connected parks and trails will change the lives of millions of Houstonians.

Houston is the only place in the country with an urban transformation of this scale. We’re arriving at an apex of cultural and economic opportunity. Together, we are turning this critical moment into real impact for our communities. Our city will grow dramatically each year through an annual return of $90 million in physical, environmental and economic benefits.**

We didn’t do it alone.

Because of the long-time support of public partners, community members, and donors, we’ve recreated what Houston looks like for current and future generations and look forward to continuing our journey of creating equitable access for all.

Learn more about what we’re accomplishing together by watching the full Houston Parks Board film.

Annual Reports:

To see how our work has grown over the years, take a look at our most recent annual reports, which provide a transparent vision for where we are now and where we’re going next.

**Based on a study done by John Crompton on the impact of Bayou Greenways.