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Wagner Greenspace

Cullinan Park

1406 Wagner St., Houston, TX 77007

Wagner Greenspace is a half-acre greenspace nestled in a residential community near downtown Houston and is a classic Houston story. It is surrounded by a mismatch of about a hundred residences, ranging from multi-unit new construction to 120 year-old single residence homes. A true urban area, it has waxed and waned over the past century. Bordered by the historic Olivewood cemetery, Buffalo Bayou, railroad tracks, and Interstate 10, the area had been largely forgotten until the late 1990's. One resident recalls moving into a previously abandoned home in 1999 and being told by UPS that their home did "not exist" because it was "not on the map".

Over the past two decades the area has seen an influx of new families wanting to shed the suburbs and cut the commute for a more vibrant quality of life. The area has grown with new businesses, restaurants and connectivity to the Bayou Greenway trails. What was once a forgotten sliver of land with mostly run down houses, overgrown hurricane fences and empty lots has become a bustling community.

Strong communities need common ground; thus, the Wagner Greenspace is what the community needs to bring it together, to bring back birthday parties in the park, to bring back games of fetch and to bring back the place where neighbors can simply sit and visit.