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Hogg Bird Sanctuary

1 Westcott St, Houston, TX 77007

Hogg Bird Sanctuary at Memorial Park is a special place in Houston that is home to many animal and bird species year-round. The site also serves as a fly-over stopping point for migratory birds.

Download frequently asked questions about the Hogg Bird Sanctuary study.

2019 Reforestation Project Update

As of May 3, 2019, the restoration and revitalization of Hogg Bird Sanctuary along Buffalo Bayou is progressing on schedule.

In winter 2018, Houston Parks Board began selective removal and mulching of invasive plants that were choking out the forest south of the parking lot (see "Management Area 1" in map). Annual maintenance of this 1.5-acre area will begin soon.

In February 2019, we completed our first habitat planting of 260 seedlings in Management Area 1. Additional plantings will take place in 2020 and 2021.

Beginning later this spring, we will expand our reforestation process to areas 2 and 3 notated in the map. This will include contracted workers cutting, treating, and removing invasive plants and trees as well as spot-treating of herbicide on individual invasive plants with hand-held garden sprayers. Herbicide treatment is done according to state regulations by a licensed applicator. 

Workers will be identifiable as employees of EBR Consultants, a local firm specializing in invasive plant removal and habitat management. Houston Parks Board will supervise the work performed in close conjunction with Memorial Park Conservancy. 

While the site’s appearance may be temporarily altered, these steps are necessary to enhance the long-term health of the sanctuary. We remain committed to making the sanctuary ecologically healthier, enhancing the habitat’s resilience, and carefully making places for people to visit and observe.

To view a map of Hogg Bird Sanctuary Habitat Restoration Areas, click here.

2018 Reforestation Project

Based on an in-depth programming study conducted in 2016, various projects are being implemented according to recommendations from the Hogg Bird Sanctuary Steering Committee. The steering committee was led by the Houston Parks Board, Houston Parks and Recreation Department and the Memorial Park Conservancy. The Memorial Park Conservancy’s Master Plan for Hogg Bird Sanctuary was used as a starting point. Throughout the programming study, public comment was sought and considered. The community’s involvement in the project is appreciated.

Project Timeline:

- Winter 2018: Selective mulching and clearing of invasive species to prepare for reforestation of Hogg Bird Sanctuary

- Spring 2018: Native tree planting to begin the reforestation process. Additional work includes drainage, trails and a new pollinator garden.

- Summer - Fall 2018: Selective herbicide of remaining invasive plants

- Winter 2019: Reforestation seedling plantings will occur every three to four years, beginning winter of 2019

Community Outreach

May 2016 Public Update Meeting
Monday, May 9, 2016

Using the Memorial Park Conservancy’s Master Plan for Hogg Bird Sanctuary as a starting point, a steering committee led by the Houston Parks Board, Houston Parks and Recreation Department and the Memorial Park Conservancy conducted additional research with consultant Design Workshop.

Considering the ecological significance of Hogg Bird Sanctuary, an appropriate balance between human activity and habitat has been developed. The research and planned improvements were presented at a public update meeting held on Monday, May 9, 2016.

Download a copy of the presentation here.

March 2017 Public Update Meeting
Monday, April 3, 2017

In support of the Memorial Park Master Plan, the Houston Parks Board led a committee to conduct an in-depth programming study of Hogg Bird Sanctuary during 2016. Based on the study's results, a set of projects were recommended by the Hogg Bird steering committee and endorsed by the Memorial Park Standards committee. Please join us as we share designs for the recommended improvements to Hogg Bird Sanctuary.