Conservation and Maintenance

Conservation and Maintenance

Houston Parks Board believes parks are for everyone. To ensure that our green spaces connect us to each other and revitalize our lives, we’re committed to keeping our parks beautiful, accessible, safe, and functional. We make this a reality by dedicating more than a third of our annual budget to conservation and maintenance.


The parks and trails along our bayous are places for us to connect and explore. They’re also essential ecosystems with plant and animal species that call Houston home or migrate through the region. Bayous Greenways 2020 seeks to protect the health of our habitats while improving the beauty of our bayous. We invite you to join us in conserving our natural landscape by participating in our outreach and educational programs.


Only a high standard of care will sustain our quality green spaces. We take care of our parks and trails by regularly mowing, cleaning up litter, clearing paths, removing debris, clearing off graffiti, restoring amenities, and cleaning after a flood. Our Conservation and Maintenance team prides itself on its attention to nearly 80 miles of trails and more than 2,500 acres of green space.


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