Caution when Using Bayou Greenway Trails

Caution when Using Bayou Greenway Trails
Our thoughts are with all of those impacted by flooding in our region.

When Houston experiences a tropical storm, hurricane or major rain event, this can leave debris and silt (sand) deposits along some of the Bayou Greenways Trails. Even after the flood waters recede, we strongly urge caution in use of the Bayou Greenways. The Houston Parks Board maintenance team surveys the condition of our trails as soon as it is safe to do so.

While some areas may appear to be passable, we often find the following: 

  • Sections of trails still covered by high water
  • Areas with fallen tree limbs
  • Areas with potentially dangerous debris
  • Slippery silt that obscures the trails making them temporarily unsafe to use

While we are eager for our communities to regain use of the Bayou Greenways trails, the post-flood cleanup and full use of all bayou greenways will take several weeks. As we assess areas and have updates, we will share them with you on this site and through our social media channels. We thank you for your patience.