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Sims Bayou Greenway

Sims Bayou begins in southwest Houston and flows east near Hobby Airport toward the Houston Ship Channel.

The bayou is believed to be named for Bartlett Sims (1792-1864), who came to Texas as a land surveyor for Stephen F. Austin, who was establishing a settlement colony for Mexico. Sims later became one of Austin’s “Old Three Hundred,” the term for settlers who had received the original land grants in 1824, primarily along the Brazos and Colorado rivers.

Through Bayou Greenways 2020, Houston Parks Board and its project partners are transforming Sims Bayou into Sims Bayou Greenway, a public green space and hike-and-bike trails connecting surrounding communities to parks, nature, and one another. Parks along the way include Townwood Park, the Houston Sports Park, Margaret Jenkins Park, Sims Bayou Park, Stewart Park, Robert C. Stuart Park, Reveille Park, Glenbrook Park and Milby Park. There's plenty to do and see along the way. Click here to discover super places on Sims Bayou Greenway.

Various wildlife call Sims Bayou home. Take a stroll along the bayou and you’ll likely spot turtles, toads, Great Blue Herons, Channel Catfish and even bats. 

Read to explore? Click here to view an interactive map of Sims Bayou Greenway.

Sims Bayou Greenway Projects

Completed Projects

• On Jan. 9, 2017, We replaced the trail from Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. to Scott St. as part of Houston Parks Board's Bayou Greenways Maintenance efforts. Read more here.



On June 17, 2017, Houston Parks Board - along with Mayor Sylvester Turner, the Houston Parks and Recreation Department, Council Member Larry Green, District K, and Harris County Precinct One Commissioner Rodney Ellis celebrated the opening of a new 1.6-mile segment of Sims Bayou Greenway. The new segment stretches from Hillcroft Avenue to Heatherbrook Drive and is the westernmost piece of Sims Bayou Greenway. 

Over 1,400 trees are being donated and planted by Trees for Houston at various volunteer events leading up to the completion of construction.

Read more about the ribbon cutting event here.

Projects Under Construction

Updated: 01/3/19
Heatherbrook Dr. to Buffalo Speedway

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Sims Bayou Greenway from Heatherbrook Dr. to Buffalo Speedway is nearing completion of construction. At 2.6 miles long, the trail will connect into the recently completed trail that runs west towards Blue Ridge County Park. Construction is estimated to be complete in spring of 2019.

Notable features include:

- New paved trail, which includes replacing the existing asphalt trail between Heatherbrook and S. Post Oak Road.
- Direction and educational signage, trans and recycling bins, benches, unique ornamental design features, landscaping and more.
- A trailhead entrance to Sims Bayou Greenway with parking at S. Post Oak Blvd.
- Multiple Neighborhood trail connections.

A groundbreaking celebration was held Thursday, April 19 along Sims Bayou in front of Montgomery Elementary School. Read about the event here.

See picture of construction progress below.

Updated: 01/3/19 
Phase One: Deeda Drive to Old Galveston Road and within Milby Park
Phase Two: Milby Park to Old Galveston Road

Sims Bayou Greenway from Milby Park to Glenbrook Park is being built in two phases. Phase 1, from Deeda Drive to Old Galveston Road and within Milby Park, began construction in January 2017 and is almost complete. Read more about Phase 1 here.

Phase 2, Milby Park to Old Galveston Road, has also begun construction. Notable features of this new greenway include:
New concrete trail starting at Old Galveston Road, just north of Sims Bayou, paralleling Old Galveston up to Central Street at which point it will turn right to connect into Milby Park.

The new segment will connect to a recently-built trail within Milby Park. It will also connect to a recently-built trail from Old Galveston Road to Glenbrook Park and Glenview Drive.

There will also be two new neighborhood gateways created, complete with concrete pavers, benches, signage, trash cans, recycling bins and native plantings.

The project is estimated to be complete in spring 2019.

Updated: 01/14/19
East side of Reveille Street to Stuart Park

Overall Map of Project Area

Zoom In of Focus Area for Project

In January 2019, construction began on a new 0.65-mile segment of Sims Bayou Greenway.

This new segment will start on the east side of Reveille Street and extend west to Stuart Park along the north side of the bayou. 

Notable features of this new greenway include:
  • New 10-foot-wide concrete trail along Sims Bayou. 
  • A connection into Robert C. Stuart Park, a 27-acre nature park that the Houston Parks Board acquired from the Stuart Family and transferred to the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department. 
The full length of this 0.65-mile segment of Bayou Greenway is estimated to be complete in the summer of 2019. 

In addition to the USACE’s project, the Houston Parks Board is designing a new 0.29-mile trail to continue east of Reveille Street to the existing trail at Reveille Park. Design is currently underway and estimated to be built in 2020. 

The Houston Parks Board is also working closely with the Gulfgate TIRZ #8 (Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone) to create additional trail connections into the community. The connections, funded by Gulfgate TIRZ #8, will connect people into Reveille Park, to the east side of Reveille Street, and to the shopping center on the west side of Telephone Road. Lighting under the Reveille Street/Telephone Road Bridges and the Bellfort Avenue Bridge will be included. The Hobby Area Management District will provide ongoing electricity and maintenance of the lights. 

Design and Planning

Updated: 01/3/19

The design of Sims Bayou Greenway from Buffalo Speedway to Scott St. is in the final stages of permitting by governmental entities. The project is estimated to begin construction in late spring of 2019.

Sims Bayou Greenway from Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. to Stuart Park is over halfway through design, with an estimated start of construction in Fall 2019. See draft design images below.