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Oak Forest Park Revitalization

2100 Judiway, Houston, TX 77018

The key initiative at Oak Forest Park is to build a playground for all abilities, the first accessible, inclusive public playground in central northwest Houston. The new design will allow those with disabilities to swing, slide, and climb along with family and friends. The playground area envisioned will feature fully accessible equipment and engraved pavers forming the Pathway to Play, with distinctive keystone recognition near the entry for major gifts. There will also be new picnic tables, park benches, a shaded area, and a painted art tile installation.
The first phase of the park revitalization at the tennis/basketball court area has been jointly funded through community efforts and funds allocated by Mayor Pro Tem Ellen Cohen, City Council Member for District C. Improvements include resurfacing/restriping of the tennis courts, a mesh windscreen, basketball court restriping, dual height water fountains with dog bowls, and new benches. Playground area construction is scheduled to start late 2019.
All contributions will support the More Than 1Way 2Play campaign for an accessible playground. The playground for all abilities will fill a vital need for inclusivity in outdoor play, while also providing a fun, safe and engaging field trip destination for students with special needs.

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Friends of Oak Forest Park: FriendsOfOakForestPark@yahoo.com
Elyssa Horvath 832-771-8030

Printable donation form for mailing. Please make checks payable to Houston Parks Board and mail to 300 North Post Oak Lane, Houston, Texas 77024. Designate your donation to Oak Forest Park by writing it in the memo line of your check.