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Halls Bayou Greenway

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Halls Bayou

Halls Bayou Greenway

Halls Bayou begins in northwest Houston, flowing 17 miles southeast, before converging with Greens Bayou near Brock Park. Originally known as the “south fork of Greens Bayou,” it was renamed in the 1880s, apparently for Archibald S. Hall, who owned land along the bayou.

Through Bayou Greenways 2020, Houston Parks Board and its project partners are transforming Halls Bayou into Halls Bayou Greenway, a ribbon of green space and hike-and-bike trails connecting surrounding communities to parks, nature, and one another. Parks found along the way include Keith-Weiss Park, Mary Withers Park, Tidwell Park, Lake Forest Park and Brock Park. There's plenty to do and see along Halls Bayou Greenway. Discover super places on Halls Bayou Greenway here!

Various wildlife call Halls Bayou home. Take a stroll along the bayou and you’ll likely spot turtles, toads, Great Blue Herons, Channel Catfish and even bats.

Ready to start exploring? View the interactive map of Halls Bayou Greenway here

Halls Bayou Greenway Projects

Under Construction

Updated: 2/17

Construction has begun on a segment of Halls Bayou Greenway from Brock Park to Banting Street. Enhancements to the area will include a boardwalk over wetlands through a palmetto forest as well as an off-street trail connection from the nearby neighborhoods to Brock Park.

Design and Planning

Updated: 2/17

Segments of Halls Bayou Greenway from Banting to Wayside and from Wayside to Bretshire/Hirsh to Jensen are awaiting design approvals from Harris County Flood Control District and Union Pacific Rail Road.