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Greens Bayou Greenway

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Greens Bayou

Greens Bayou Greenway

Greens Bayou begins in northwest Houston and meanders southeast until it reaches Buffalo Bayou at the Houston Ship Channel. Along its journey, Greens Bayou passes a diverse range of communities and neighborhood parks, including Thomas R. Wussow Park, City View Park, Brock Park, Maxey Park and Thomas Bell Foster Park.

Through Bayou Greenways 2020, Houston Parks Board and its project partners are transforming Greens Bayou into Greens Bayou Greenway.

Greens Bayou Greenway will offer a ribbon of greenspace and hike-and-bike-trails within the city limits, connecting the parks, neighborhoods and people along the way like never before. There's plenty to do and see along the way. Click here to discover super places along Greens Bayou Greenway.

Various wildlife call Greens Bayou home. Take a stroll along the bayou and you’ll likely spot turtles, toads, Great Blue Herons, Channel Catfish and even bats.

Ready to explore? Click here to see an interactive map of Greens Bayou Greenway.

Project Updates

Under Construction

Updated 01/3/19
Greens Bayou Greenway from I45 to Greens Parkway

On Jan. 25, 2018, Houston Parks Board - along with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Harris County Precinct One Commissioner Rodney Ellis and Harris County Precinct Two Commissioner Jack Cagle, District B Vice Mayor Pro-Tem Jerry Davis, Houston Parks and Recreation Department Director Steve Wright, and others -  celebrated the groundbreaking of Greens Bayou Greenway. The new greenway will feature a 2-mile paved trail, botanical themed design elements, pedestrian bridges, landscaping and more. Click here to read the groundbreaking event press release. 

The project is estimated to be complete within a couple months. 

See below pictures for the design.

Bridge Design near I-45

Installation of Bridge near I-45

Updated 01/3/19

Strickland Park to Maxey Park

In June 2018, construction began on a new Greens Bayou Greenway project to connect Strickland Park to Maxey Park. In addition to the 10-foot wide concrete hike-and-bike trail, notable new features are improvements to Maxey Park and Strickland Park, a connection into the nearby METRO Park and Ride and a mid-block crossing on Woodforest Boulevard.

Improvements to Strickland Park include new parking spaces, signage, a kayak launch and seating area, as well as a unique bobcat-themed gateway at the trail entrance to the park.

Improvements to Maxey Park include a new seating area, signage, additional trees and a unique eagle-themed gateway at the trail entrance to the park from the parking lot.

The project is estimated to be complete in winter 2019.

See construction picture below.

Updated 01/3/19

Brock Park to City Limits

The Houston Parks Board will begin construction soon on a new 2.3-mile segment of Greens Bayou Greenway.

The new greenway will connect to the existing Halls Bayou Greenway Gateway on the southern side of Brock Park, cross Halls Bayou within Brock Park, and continue north along Greens Bayou up to the city limits. 

Notable features of this new greenway include:
  • A new 8-foot wide concrete trail from the Halls Bayou Greenway Gateway in the southern portion of Brock Park (where the parking lot and baseball fields are located) up to the northern boundary of Brock Park.
  • A nature trail from Brock Park to the city limits with signage. 
  • A new kayak launch on the east side of Greens Bayou, near the old Brock Park Golf Course Club House, which will connect paddlers down to a kayak launch in construction at Strickland Park and then further down (close to I-10) to an existing kayak launch at Thomas Bell Foster Park. 
  • A new 14-foot wide hike-and-bike bridge across Halls Bayou that will link the two sides of Brock Park for the first time.  
  • A trail connection at Valley Forest Drive into the neighborhood north of Brock Park. 
Construction is estimated to be complete in late Fall or 2019 to early Winter of 2020.

Planning and Design

Updated 01/3/19
Lower Greens Bayou Greenway

The segment between Strickland Park and Brock Park is currently in the early stage of design.