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Houston Parks Board Introduces New Mile Markers Along the Bayou Greenways

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A Bayou Greenways 2020 milestone, the new mile markers will begin along White Oak Bayou Greenway enhancing the wayfinding system and trail safety

HOUSTON, TX – February 21, 2019 – In February, Houston Parks Board will begin implementing its mile marker system along the Bayou Greenways starting along White Oak Bayou Greenway. The new mile markers will enhance the current wayfinding system and allow users to mark their progress as they walk, bike and run on the trails. Additionally, the markers will provide a reference point to emergency personnel in the event of an incident or emergency. The 6-inch circular stainless steel mile markers will be mounted into the concrete of the trail surface and spaced at 0.25-mile intervals.

“A wayfinding system is essential to the way people navigate the Bayou Greenways; and the new mile markers are an important component that will equip Houstonians to use the trails efficiently and to track the distance of their walk, run or bike ride along the trail system,” said Houston Parks Board President and CEO, Beth White.

Throughout the process, the Houston Parks Board collaborated closely with the Houston Police Department and the Houston 911 Call Center Aided Dispatch System run by the Houston Emergency Center. In the event of an emergency, trail users can now contact 911 and reference the mile markers, and call centers will be able to identify access points for dispatch.

“We are thrilled about the new trail mile markers that are being installed along the Bayou Greenways,” said Chief of Houston Police Department, Art Acevedo. “They bring an important safety feature for trail users, who can use the markers to identify an accurate and specific location in the case of an incident or emergency.”

The first mile markers are being installed along White Oak Bayou Greenway from downtown to the city limits nearly 17 miles upstream. Users will experience the new system on a substantially complete greenway and will also allow a complete marker system to be piloted with the 911 Call Center and Dispatch System. Mile markers, as well as other key wayfinding system signage, will be installed along additional Bayou Greenways as they near completion.

Next time you are enjoying the Bayou Greenways, be sure to look for the new Mile Markers. We encourage trail users to take photos of the Bayou Greenways and the new mile markers, and to share on social media along with the hashtags #BayouGreenways and #MarkYourMile.

For photos of the mile markers, please click here.


A nonprofit 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing access to quality parks and greenspace in the Greater Houston region, Houston Parks Board creates, improves, protects and advocates for parks for everyone. Since 1976, the organization has utilized public-private partnerships and its extensive philanthropic, government and community relationships to improve parks large and small. Houston Parks Board is currently leading the transformational $220 million Bayou Greenways 2020 project to complete a 150-mile network of connected parks and trails along Houston’s major waterways. For more information, visit www.houstonparksboard.org.

Bayou Greenways 2020 is one of the most ambitious parks projects in the U.S. By transforming more than 3,000 acres of underutilized land along Houston’s major waterways into linear parks, Bayou Greenways 2020 will complete a 150-mile network of connected parks and trails. The $220 million project will connect people, places, and greenspace while enhancing air and water quality, preserving flood-prone areas and stimulating economic development in Houston.

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