Neighborhood Partnership Program


The Houston Parks Board (HPB) welcomes community involvement and stewardship of Houston's park assets. To this end, we have developed the Neighborhood Partnership Program described below.


The goal of the Neighborhood Partnership Program is to improve city parks and greenspaces through a cooperative effort between community groups, HPB and the Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD).

How to Start

The best place to start is to send information on your recommended park project improvement to Your request will be reviewed in coordination with HPARD to determine the benefits and feasibility of the project, and if the improvements are appropriate to the needs of the park system.

Preliminary Scope and Public Input

If the proposed improvements are supported by HPARD, HPB (in coordination with the community group) will draft a preliminary scope of work and a budget for the project. HPARD will require letters of support or other documentation to determine the level of support or opposition to the project.

Fundraising and Donations (private funds)

Following approval by HPARD, fundraising for design and construction may begin. HPB will assist in formulating a fundraising plan for the project and help develop fundraising materials. It is paramount that all fundraising be coordinated with HPB, but the community group will lead fundraising activities. Donations will be deposited into a segregated project trust account with HPB. Due to HPB’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, all donations are tax deductible. Donations can be made payable to The Houston Parks Board with the project/park name noted on the check or attached correspondence.

Project Design

HPB's Project Management Team will select a consultant for preparing design documents necessary to put the project out to bid for construction. The design consultant must enter into a contract with HPB before officially beginning design services. HPARD and HPB must review and approve all plans and specifications prior to bidding. All invoices for design will be paid through the project's segregated account with HPB.

Bidding and Construction

Funding must be in place before contracts for construction are awarded. The Project Management Team will put the project out to bid to contractors on a select bid list. The bids will be evaluated by HPB and the design consultant who will determine recommended contractor for award. Once the construction agreement is approved, the contractor must enter into a contract with HPB before officially beginning construction. HPB's Project Management Team and design consultant will monitor construction to insure compliance with plans and specifications. All invoices for construction will be paid through the project's segregated account with HPB.

Management Fee

HPB will take a one-time 5% management fee, and up to a 1% project insurance fee, on all project expenses to manage the process from beginning to end, including all administration, accounting, reporting, design review, and construction management.