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Jamail Skatepark Turns 10!

Jamail Skate Park Users Enjoying Park (Photo courtesy of F. Carter Smith)

Soaring June temperatures did not deter the crowds for the 10th anniversary celebration of the Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark. Some 1,000 skaters and community members gathered to celebrate a full decade of skating and memorable moments at the beloved skatepark. All were treated to a special appearance by Rock Cradle Champion Pro Skater Sky Siljeg and music by Black Joe Lewis, the Cops, Texas Massacre, and DJ Brother Roo.

The Jamail Skatepark opened 10 years ago as the first world-class, in-ground skatepark in the region. The project originated when P.U.S.H. (Public Use Skatepark Houston) made a request to the Houston Parks and Recreation Department for a skatepark in the city. The department soon after agreed upon the perfect spot along Buffalo Bayou for the proposed skatepark and Houston Parks Board partnered to raise private dollars to bring the park to fruition.

A generous lead donation from Joseph Jamail solidified the skatepark which was to be named after Joseph and his late wife Lee. The Houston Parks Board raised the remainder of the funds totaling nearly $3 million in support of the project. The Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark officially opened to the public in 2008 off the Sabine Street Bridge in Buffalo Bayou Park. 

The Jamail Family stays actively involved in the park’s operations, most recently supporting much-needed renovations. The renovations provide new grass-terraced seating areas, lighting, art boards, repaired concrete, a chilled water fountain, fencing, and shade structures to provide relief from the Texas heat. All renovations were overseen by the Houston Parks Board. 

The Jamail Skatepark is a must-see for any Houstonian – skateboarder or not. Originally designed by Clark Condon Associates and Grindline and with recent enhancements from Victoria Goldstein of VG Studio, IDS, and Stantec, the park is truly mesmerizing.

Much beloved today, the Jamail Skatepark attracts skaters of all levels, from beginner to pros. The park has also hosted a variety of memorable events – from the P.U.S.H. Skate & Rock summer concert series to Skatestock – in addition to welcoming skaters on a daily basis.

Skaters celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark in Houston, Texas on June 2, 2018. Serving as the first world-class, in-ground skatepark in the region, Jamail Skatepark opened in June 2008. (Photo courtesy of F. Carter Smith)